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Thunderbird Necklace

Thunderbird Necklace

Modern Bronze

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The Thunderbird Necklace features an original bronze component suspended from a fine 14k gold filled chain. The gemstone dangling from the bottom is a natural deep teal turquoise with black and brown veining.
The length is adjustable from 16-18 inches.

Handmade in Tennessee.

The Modern Bronze Story:

Modern Bronze is artisan jewelry handmade in Franklin, TN by twin sisters Sarah Knox and Liz Anderson. The pair love working creatively together and have always wanted to collaborate on a project. With their company, Modern Bronze, they have found the perfect outlet. Sarah's study of anthropology and experience as an oil painter combined with Liz's fine art training at Savannah College of Art and Design help them design and create unique jewelry pieces.

The sisters adore the luster and patina of golden-hued bronze and fiery copper. They adorn each hand-shaped and hammered piece with the most gorgeous gemstones and pearls the earth has to offer.

Combining their love of the materials with their passion for art and history they have created a jewelry line that evokes imagery of ancient artifacts and Renaissance romanticism while remaining modern and wearable.

Modern Bronze is ushering in a new "Bronze Age".