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Our Story

It all started....

in 2011 when my husband and I gave ourselves a personal challenge: to buy only American made products for a few months. It made us both realize how little the USA manufactured anymore and how greatly it has affected the economy, small businesses and our fellow Americans. It also brought our attention to the other issues that have risen from the global fashion industry that has had an immense negative impact on human rights and the environment.   We thought...why can't manufacturing be revitalized in America and why not start a trend that makes others want be aware of where their clothes are made and why it matters? 

It was then, that Stars & Stripes Collective was born.  Our quest for American Made fashion has led us to unique businesses who design and manufacture superb clothing and accessories right here in the USA. In the wake of the offshoring in America, there is a reason they keep their business stateside and we proudly support them. That's not to say it doesn't come without it's own set of challenges. So we started our Instagram account to help promote these companies and bring awareness to their brands.  Almost all of the brands we endorse have been purchased and worn or used by us so we can personally vouch for their quality.

The next step was making the information we have gathered accessible to others, because one of the biggest complaints of buying American Made is that it's too time consuming or expensive.  Then an idea popped into our heads... what about an online store that only sold American Made clothing & goods?  A place where everything was Made in the USA and it took the guess work out of shopping.  It will make the whole shopping experience way more convenient and fun!  Are we right?

Giving back is extremely important to Stars & Stripes Collective.  That is why a portion of every sale on our website will go towards a charity right here in the USA. We want to know that the money we continually invest in our wardrobe and other goods is supporting a good cause and breathing life back into our country's economy and it's people. We hope you will join us and ....


Go the Extra Mile for American Made Style!