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Camo Flip Flops (Men's)

Camo Flip Flops (Men's)

Tidal New York

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Whether it's for a walk in the woods or a stroll on a sandy beach, camo is crucial to staying comfy and keeping things low key. A perfect way to add some pop to your tank top and board short or why not add a bit of subtle style to your t-shirt and khakis — these camo flip-flops will help you stand out or blend in — whichever mood you're in at the moment.

Made in New York

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The story of Tidal New York is a story about us. Not just us, as in those of us that work at Tidal New York, but us as in citizens of the world. Many people don’t get to see the inner workings of the factories that produce fast fashion and consumer goods. Having worked in shoe factories around the world, my brother and I have - and, we knew it didn’t have to be this way. Factories didn’t need to be dirty and workers could be treated well and given the tools to create careers. The world of fast fashion had become a race to the bottom, which we saw as a race to nowhere. And we had a feeling that there were a lot of people who felt the same. So, we dreamt up Tidal New York and decided to do one thing better. This meant investing in every step of our flip-flops - the materials, the equipment, the process, and the people.

We also knew that almost everyone knows at least one Veteran. We knew that the civilian sector could do more to help our sisters and brothers returning from duty. Today, our factory is staffed almost exclusively by Veterans. But that’s not where our story ends. Our materials are sourced from artisans at family-owned companies in Missouri, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and New Jersey. The energy in our factory is returned to the grid by 100% wind energy. We are working through the set up of a recycling program and continue to push the envelope in pursuit to eliminate single-use plastic from our packaging. At Tidal New York, we believe that making our flip-flops can be done while being stewards of the environment and of each other. We believe that change can start with one thing, one step, one helping hand. 

Together we make a difference. Together we are Tidal New York.