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Insulated Wine Bag

Insulated Wine Bag


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Half-n-the-Bag Insulated Wine Bags are the perfect gift for any occasion! Stylish and portable with a standup bottom, these bags are made to keep your beverage of choice safe and snug! Fits most size liquor as well as Champagne, regular and large wine bottles. These wine bags/totes are insulated with Insul-bright, which reflects cold back to its source. CHEERS!!

Handmade in Massachusetts 


Carmen started making totes in 2012. The totes turned into wine bags in 2014 and what a ride it's been since! It started off as a hobby, that has turned into an amazing business that has taken her to Napa Valley, Washington State and all over New England. She is thrilled that people appreciate the quality of her handmade wine-gift bags and the humor in the company name. These bags are handmade in Massachusetts, and made with quality designer fabrics with coordinating waterproof lining. They are insulated with Insul-bright, which reflects heat or cold back to its source. Half-n-the-Bag wine bags are unique, fun and functional. They make a wonderful gift that keeps on giving.