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Welcome to Stars & Stripes Collective!

This is my very first post on our brand new Stars & Stripes Collective website.  HOW EXCITING!  Stars & Stripes Collective has been a dream a very long time coming for my husband and I.  We have been buying almost exclusively American Made products for close to 4 years now.  At first it was very difficult because in the world of retail chains and mass production, we really didn't know where to look.  But ALOT has changed in 4 years. The journey we began in 2011 has connected us with so many amazingly creative and talented designers and manufacturers. They have purposefully chosen to keep their business operations right here in the United States.  They are fueling the economy and creating jobs for our neighbors.  They are keeping a close eye on production which in turn leads to higher quality.  Not to mention, they are all contributing to the magnificent world of fashion!  Most are smaller companies but a few are big names. What they all have in common is they produce one of a kind products that let your indiviuality in fashion stand out among the throngs of mass retail and manufacturing that has enveloped our country.  No one wants to walk into a room and have someone else wearing their outfit! With mass production and retail chains there is really no way around it.


America has become a nation of fast fashion. Sacrificing quality to follow fleeting trends and casting our clothes aside after one season.  That is NOT what we represent.  We embrace classic fashion with enduring sophistication, quality and style.  Iconic is our goal- fashion that transcends the ages and will ALWAYS turn heads and garner compliments.  It's what we cherish in the classic fashion icons of the past; Coco Chanel, Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly...I could go on and on.  We circle back to them, season after season because they understood sophistication and that "true style" never goes out of style.  You invest in it, you nuture it, you reinvent it.  It may stay tucked away for a few seasons, just waiting for it's moment. When that moment comes, your heart still skips a beat when you pull it out of the closet, much like it did when you first bought it. This is the type of fashion and style we are talking about.  It has a life and it brings you joy. It evokes memories and can be passed down through generations. It defines you as a unique individual and leaves a first impression to all that you meet.  It is up to you to decide what your first impression will be.  That becomes your personal style.  


So much emotion and depth tied to your wardrobe?  Some may say it's absurb!   But for centuries, what we wear speaks volumes for who we are and how we want to be perceived.  The history books are filled with styles that defined an era and a people. Some may not look at their style or their wardrobe in this light.  That's perfectly alright.  Fast fashion and mass production is here to stay, there is no denying it.  Stars & Stripes Collective wants to be a source for those who don't want to abandon their classic style but still stay on trend. The big difference is, we will only highlight and sell those designers and manufacturers who produce their goods in the United States.  We want to make it accessible and affordable but also set a high standard for quality and craftmanship.  So if you want to "Go the Extra Mile for American Made Style", stay tuned as we open a new chapter in our lives and launch Stars & Stripes Collective.  

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