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A Graduation Gift They Will Love!

Stars & Stripes Collective strives to provide unique and meaningful gifts that are made the USA. Since the graduation season is upon us- we thought it was appropriate to highlight our favorite gift for the Special Grad in your life.  

The "Secret Message" bracelet is the perfect sentiment to give someone you love.  Handmade in New Jersey, each have an inspirational message that is meant just for your graduate.  Whether junior high, high school, college or specialty school - there is a saying that will be perfect for them as they take those unsure steps into their future.  When they put it on or take it off- they will be reminded that you are silently rooting for their success and happiness!

The bracelets come in 3 different hammered metals: copper, brass or hypoallergenic aluminum. There are 7 different sayings for you to choose from:

1. Just Keep Swimming...Just Keep Swimming...

2. Be the Change You Want to See in the World

3. Be Happy..It Drives People Crazy

4. Don't Let Idiots Ruin Your Day

5. No One is You- That is Your Superhero Power

6. Carpe the Hell Out of This Diem

7. Wake Up. Kick Butt. Repeat.

Some are profound while others are more whimsical but all are designed to bring a smile to their face or help them stay positive.  Now that is a gift that will literally keep giving - making you the best gift giver ever!

You're Welcome!

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