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How Much Do You Really Know About Fashion?

It is safe to say that all of us wear clothes on a daily basis.  For some, it is a mere necessity but for many,  it is how we want others to see us. Our style, which is made up of the items we adorn our body with, is an expression of our unique personality and individuality.  This may be considered by some as being superficial, but I disagree.  That is like saying an artist is superficial because he wants to convey a message in his works. How we dress is the very first indicator to others how we wish to be perceived.  Our true "first impression".  But what do you really know about the first impression you are making with the clothes you wear?  How would you feel if others thought you supported the inhumane treatment of workers or that you didn't care about the environment based on your outfit choice.  Those are some pretty disparaging assumptions over clothing, right?  Well - yes and no.  The good thing is- most likely no one is making those assumptions.  The bad thing - the above mentioned atrocities are very real and your purchases may be helping to support them.  This is why I am dedicated to educating others on why it is important to be #labelconscioUS. Ignorance is bliss but in this case, it is detrimental to jobs, the economy, the environment and global human rights.  Take a moment to test you knowledge on the fashion industry.  Most of the information cited in this quiz has been gathered from the documentary about the fashion industry "The True Cost".  If you haven't seen it- I highly recommend watching it soon.  Not knowing the answers to these questions is okay- not doing anything about it once you know the answers, IS NOT!  There is a fine line between style and materialism. Let's all work together to figure out a better solution and "Go the Extra Mile for American Made Style".  Every dollar counts for much more than you may realize!
(Answers to quiz are at the bottom)

1.  Which of these industries pollutes more than the fashion industry? (choose all that apply)


                    a. Coal Mining           b. Oil           c. Lead          d. Farming           e. None of these


2.   How many people work in the global fashion industry?

                    a. 1 in 10           b.  1 in 6           c. 1 in 20           d. 1 in 2

3.  The world consumes how many pieces of clothing each year?


                     a. 40 billion           b. 80 billion         c. 10 billion           d.  100 billion

4.  The USA produces how many pounds of textile waste per year?

                    a. 20 Million Tons           b. 11 Million Tons           c. 5 Million Tons           d. 8 Million Tons 

5.  The average American throws away how many pounds of clothing a year?

                    a. 50 lbs            b. 80 lbs            c. 100 lbs           d. 25 lbs

6.  How many years does an average piece of clothing sit in a landfill before decomposing?

                    a. 10 years           b. 200 years           c. 90 years           d.  130 years


7.  In 1960 90% of American clothing manufacturing was produced in the USA-today what % is still produced in the USA?

                    a. 15%           b. 3%           c. 10%           d. 20%



8.  What is the average wage of a garment factory worker in India?

                    a. $20 a day          b. $3 a day           c. $5 a day           d. $10 a day



9.  In 1960 90% of American clothing was manufactured in the USA. Today what % is still produced in the USA?

                    a. 15%           b. 3%           c. 10%           d. 20%


10. A study conducted by Boston Consulting Group in late 2012 revealed what % of Americans will pay more for Made in USA if it means supporting U.S. jobs and the economy?


                      a.100%          b. 80%          c. 60%          d. 40%


11. If every American just spent an extra $3.33 on Made in the USA it would produce how many new jobs?

                    a. 5,000           b. 10,000            c. 2,000           d. 8,000

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