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#AmericaStrong- American Made Companies Answering Their Country's Call

We don't have to tell those of you who are familiar with Stars & Stripes Collective - that we have been advocating for Made in the USA for almost 10 years. If you've taken the time to read our blogs or posts- you'd know that our reasons encompass more than to grow the economy or create jobs.  Although, when this is all over -it will be paramount to the recovering of our great country.  Now our dependence on foreign imports has reared it's ugly head as a serious threat to National Security and the well-being of those who are on the frontlines fighting this pandemic.  In this dire time of need, most of the amazing companies we have supported or stocked in our shop- have answered the call of duty from their country!  Queue the patriotic goosebumps!  A mere thank you doesn't even come close to the depth of gratitude Stars & Stripes Collective feels towards these companies.  Many are donating hours and materials in a time when their own economic future is so uncertain.  It is extremely difficult for an American Made company to succeed in a thriving economy. We may be facing a recession now that will undoubtably drive some out of business.  This is where the American consumer comes in..DUN -DUN-DUN!  Through your support - whether a donation, purchasing one of their masks or just changing your buying habits to include their products - these companies will be able to weather this storm and not only continue to provide Americans with domestically produced goods but also hire American hands to produce them. Let's try to keep those American dollars right here in the American economy to ensure a faster recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic because we are all in this together! 

Here is an ever growing list of American Made companies that are producing masks at their respective factories.  Some are even offering stylish ones for retail purchase since the CDC is now recommending everyone to wear a mask for added layer of protection. They are all washable so can always be used when you are just feeling under the weather post-pandemic time.  Please take some "quarantine" time to check them out or better yet support them anyway you can- even if that's just sharing their social media posts!  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Those for retail sale ARE NOT medical grade N-95 masks and are not a substitution for social distancing, washing hands and staying home.  Be smart and stay healthy America!  

Ball and Buck is based and made in Georgia.  They are selling this mask to the public and with every one purchased they will donate one to those in need.  Win- win if you are wondering how to look good but do good and feel good at the same time. Want to take it up a notch for when you start venturing outside?  Throw in the matching Hunter's Shirt.

Goldsheep is based and made in Los Angeles is one of our go-tos for whimsical fitness wear.  They have ramped up their production to include these tongue-in-cheek masks and sweatshirts to add a bit of levity to our everyday quarantine routine.  With every sweatshirt sale they will donate 5 masks to non-clinical healthcare workers.  





High Cotton Ties is based and made in North Carolina.  We have carried  their ties and bow ties since we opened our shop doors in 2018. They are using the leftover scraps to produce masks -many which have already been donated to their local hospitals.  Now is your chance to get one for yourself . Great for the prepster in all of us.

Groceries Apparel is based and made in Los Angeles.  They are champions of eco-friendly, sustainable and organic clothing production.  They are donating a 10 pk for every 3 pk of 100% Non-GMO Organic masks they sell. 

Flipside Hats is based and made in Portland, Oregon.  They normally offer recycled head wear but are switching to mask making with these sustainable materials.  We are proud to carry a wide selection of their super stylish caps and hats in our online store.


Los Angeles Apparel is based and made in Los Angeles and is the American Made answer to American Apparel brand..HA- bet you didn't know that American Apparel is no longer made in America!  They are selling 3 packs of masks in an effort to fund the thousands they are donating to Los Angeles hospitals in need.

WSI Sportswear is based and made in Minnesota.  They are an amazing source for all apparel fitness and sports related. They are selling a no frills white mask to help supplement the tireless work they are doing to get much needed supplies made and distributed to healthcare providers. Please contact them through the link above if you are or know a healthcare facility that is in need of supplies.



Other companies that are manufacturing masks and gowns but not for retail purchase.  Some are taking donations directly on their websites. 


American Giant is based in San Francisco with factories across the US.  They will be churning out 1 Million masks a week. WOW!  If you aren't familiar with them- they have some of the best athleisure basics on the market.  So if you are a Nike/Under Armour/LuluLemon/Athletica fan (all imported) - check out their line which is priced about the same and in our opinion much higher quality.

Love Your Melon is based Minnesota.  They have committed to donating 50,000 masks to children fighting cancer.  Most know Love Your Melon hats and beanies that donate 50% of their profits to pediatric cancer research and provide a hat to every child fighting the disease.  Another great brand we are proud to partner with in our shop!

Suuchi is a factory based and made in New Jersey and has a contact form to get N-95 and other medial grade PPE and supplies to those in need. Visit their site if your organization wants help. Please contact them through the link above if you are or know a healthcare facility that is in need of supplies.

Boathouse Sports is based and made in Philadelphia, PA and is a premier designer and manufacturer of outdoor and athletic.  We are one of the few retailers they have partnered with outside their online store.  A large part of their business is providing custom wear for college teams.  

LA Relaxed is based and made in Los Angeles using only vegan, cruelty free and sustainable materials.  They are championing a Go Fund Me to raise $250,000 to purchase N-95 masks for those who need them most. Click the link to help out!

Onzie is based and made in Los Angeles.  We love their fitness wear and have a great selection on our website!  They are accepting monetary donations to support the over 3,000 masks they have donated to the LA area workers in need.

USA Bayside is based and made in California. They make apparel mostly used for private label and promotional items.  Keep them in mind when you need any branding for your company or event!

Philadelphia Sewing & Co is based and made in Philly. They make custom flags, banners and pennants.  They have several patterns you can download to make your own masks if you are looking for a new hobby!










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