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American Made Christmas Gift Guide-Thoughtful Gifts for Everyone on Your List!

My husband and I were just thinking about the good old days when you put alot of time and thought into buying a Christmas gift for someone.  Sometimes the holiday was months away but because something had their name written all over it- you HAD to buy it.  The challenge was remembering that you bought it and where you hid it when it came time to give the gift!  Now- it seems we have just become mindless buying machines, grabbing anything (most times because it is super cheap) to give just so they have something to unwrap.  It is also hard in this time of instant gratification to find something the person wants/needs that they haven’t already purchased for themselves. (damn you Amazon!)

That is where Stars & Stripes Collective enters the holiday picture! We have curated products that you won’t find in many other places allowing you to give unique gifts that are not only made in the USA but many times have a beautiful heart felt story behind them. How awesome is it to give a gift that they totally love and didn't even know existed? We'll answer that for you..pretty darn awesome! I think it is safe to say that deep down inside, we all want to be that kind of gift giver!

At Stars & Stripes Collective, we help support over 50 small American Made businesses who are passionately building or sustaining their “American Dream”.  In turn, these small businesses are supporting anywhere from just a few to several hundred employees. These employees depend on their company to provide for their families, especially during the holidays.  Not to mention, working there allows them an opportunity to chase their own American Dream!  Then you add in the suppliers or manufacturers plus their employees that these small businesses purchase from or have their products made - it seriously adds up!  So when you shop small at Stars & Stripes Collective- it is not just a local store you are supporting but the thousands upon thousands of other Americans that depend on your purchase for their survival.  So when we say every purchase counts this Christmas- we mean it quite literally!  

Over the next few days we will be posting gift guides and back by popular demand our annual 12 Days of Christmas "Buy This not That".  Our gift guides will be based on what is important to the person you are buying the gift for, because that's what makes a gift thoughtful and the recipient feel special.   Stars & Stripes Collective wants everyone to feel special and loved this holiday season! Won't you join us and....Celebrate the Holidays with Made in the USA??

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