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12 Days of an American Made Christmas

Since opening our brick & mortar, we have heard time and again - the stories we tell of the makers that line our shelves and racks is what sets us apart from the other boutiques.  We strive to stock items that not only are unique but carry on a family legacy, support a noble cause or have a sustainable mission.  When you make a purchase with Stars & Stripes Collective you are not just supporting our small business but the small businesses of our American Made makers and their employees.  You are also helping tell their story and bring to life their American Dream.  
At Stars & Stripes Collective we work hard to bring back meaning to the shopping and gift giving process. We encourage our customers to NOT buy something just to buy it and actually tell them if they don't love it in the store they will never use/wear it.  Their initial response is surprise and then gratitude that we care enough to help them make wise decisions about their purchases.  We sincerely want everyone who leaves our shop to feel satisfied and confident about their shopping experience. At the same time we are creating trust and loyalty with our customers and that- to us - is priceless.  
In an effort to tell the stories of our amazing makers and their American Dream - we will be highlighting some along with a one day discount so you can see for yourself the quality and craftsmanship of their products.  Be on the lookout for our emails titled the 12 Days of an American Made Christmas to learn about our makers and possibly find a one of a kind gift to give this holiday season!   

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